New Microsoft Surface Device Appears In FFC Documents

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A series of documents were released by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was spotted this week. The documents indicate a new Surface tablet model.

The New Microsoft Surface Device

According to reports, the FCC has released a series of documents regarding a new Surface model. Although the document doesn’t share that much details, it does provide some hints on what kind of device it will be.

On the documents, it mentions a portable computing device. On document in particular also mentions that it is a new kind of hardware referred to as Model 1824.

There was also a part where it talks about model differences. It indicates that the new kind of hardware isn’t a new version of an existing Surface device.

There was also a mention of a new battery labeled as G16QA043H. Regarding this battery, the said surface tablet features 7.66 volts which differ from previous Surface model batteries that feature 7.5 volts.

Another thing mentioned in the documents is that it will feature a 24-watt power supply. In comparison to the Surface Pro 4 which features a powerful 36-watt power supply, the device featuring the 24-watt supply would mean that it will be an economical hardware.

As for its OS, the document mentions that the device will be featuring Windows 10 Pro. Just so you know, the Windows 10 Pro was released on July 29, 2015. There was also talk regarding the firmware version of a Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module manufactured by Qualcomm. With this, it’s a strong indication that it could feature an Intel Processor.

How Much Will This Cost?

There have been reports indicating that Microsoft is working on a $400 Surface tablet. With this, reports believe that this could possibly be the one. As for why some reports believe that this could be the $400 Surface tablet, well, one of the reasons is because the series of documents released by the FCC indicates a “portable computing device”.

So what do you think about the information found in the document? Do you think it’s the $400 Surface tablet? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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