Neo Geo Mini: Retro Console to Launch Next Month

Yves Amodia
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With old consoles coming back in fashion, the upcoming release of the Neo Geo Mini is so far one of the most exciting news of the year for gamers. This will definitely be popular among those who want a piece of nostalgia for the heyday of mini consoles.

Neo Geo Mini’s features

The SNK device is going to have a design that is similar to the original Neo Geo, according to Slash Gear. Just like its bigger predecessor, it will serve as a small arcade cabinet that can fit into your hands. A joystick and buttons will replace a handheld controller that will help users manipulate what is going on in the 3.5-inch screen.

One of the great things about this retro console is the fact that it has been improved to fit in with the current times. If the small screen is not enough for you, you can output the display into a larger screen by using an HDMI.

The SNK device is said to be released in short order. This could mean that the company is testing out the viability of releasing the game in the current competitive climate in the video game industry. It also comes in time for the 40th anniversary since the company SNK was established.

The Neo Geo was a popular form of video game hardware in the 1990s. Because of it, SNK became one of the leaders of the handheld console movement that swept the world in that decade.

The Neo Geo Mini will be released in Japan on Tuesday, July 24 for an introductory price of $105. The package will come with a total of 40 SNK titles. International buyers will have to wait a bit more to know when the mini console will arrive in their country.

Will you be purchasing the NeoGeo Mini when it hits stores? Let us know in the comments section below.

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