Microsoft in Three Years Will Launch New Xbox Two, Surface Tablets and HoloLens

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Microsoft will be busy in the coming years to come and could feature their lineup of devices for the entertainment and electronic ecosphere. From this year up until 2020, the company will showcase the devices from its gaming lines all the way down to their tablet devices.

Starting this year, Microsoft might present the new look Surface tablets in the market. Yes, the company is planning to release three new additions to the Surface line later this 2018. Under the code names of Carmel, Libra, and Andromeda, these Surface lines have their own identity.

Surface Tablet lines 2018

Brad Sams from Thurrott, stated in a report that he found internal documents that back up the claim. The line that is created to challenge the supremacy of the Apple in the tablet department in the form of iPad.

Codename Libra might be the most interesting one in the line. The possibility that it will become available this year is one of them. You can also add the most compelling selling point for this device is the affordability.

This project will be in the headlines once it hits the stores. This is the direct answer from Microsoft that will go toe-to-toe against the famous and affordable iPads for that is specifically centered for students. Budget consciousness is the new approach from the company to replenish the popularity of the line and to force a competition in the table department.

The Andromeda aka Surface Phone, according to the document, is said to be a versatile product and will be more suited for a more personal touch from its user. This might be featured as a pocketable device more than a tablet with more computing power. Most likely Microsoft is hoping on creating new product line by the use of this hardware.

News about the Xbox in 2020

Dubbed as the codename “Scarlett”, Microsoft is currently within their labs and working with their engineers and specialist to provide the consumers the next level gaming console. The Xbox Two is scheduled for the year 2020 and many gaming enthusiasts will be pleased about the news.

The rumors going around the community states that Sony is also currently working on improving their PlayStation Line. The PS5, the main competitor of Xbox in the gaming console, is also set to hit the stores in 2020 and this is the direct counter attack of Xbox against their counterpart.

The next interesting part within the “Scarlett” project is pertaining to a number of devices. One gaming console is enough to rock the gamers to the core but a family of devices would mean happy days to the fans of the Xbox.

HoloLens in 2019

Codename “Sydney”, as the document declares, is pertaining to the new pair of HoloLens that is set to roll into the stores in 2019 and probably as soon as the first quarter of that year. The new Microsoft HoloLens will showcase a friendly price tag that is cheaper than the previous versions.

The device will grant better quality in terms of display and said to be more comfortable. It is also significantly lighter than its predecessors. The augmented reality or AR that connect digital images to the real world is made possible by this pair of futuristic glasses.

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