Microsoft Surface Band: Speculations, Concept And Updates

Purnima Gupta
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The technology landscape has evolved, constantly. In the smartphones segment, from simple touchpads to ultra-responsive screen touch, phones have covered a long evolution path. Thanks to the disruptive arrival of the internet of things (IoT), now, more and more technical devices are capable of providing unique experiences to the users.

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in last few years. Technology has managed to engulf wearable gadgets under its belt. One such technological breakthrough is the wearable bands. Touted as the best companion for users who wish to monitor their health and fitness, wearable bands from Apple & Microsoft are immensely popular.

Microsoft launched its first wearable band, and it created quite a stir. And, the Microsoft Band 2 was launched in 2015, to be precise. The gadgets were well received for its technical brilliance and ability to support Android, iOS and Windows OS enabled phones. While Microsoft has not come up with any news about the next sequel to the Microsoft Surface Band 2, fans have been busy speculating on the same.

Technology conceptualizer, Christopher Fernandes, has tried to recreate the band concept, twining both Microsoft Surface Phone and the Surface Band. This combined technology looks revolutionary as it can replace a smartwatch and smartphone if launched. Similar to Microsoft Surface Pro concept which was capable of replacing both, tablet and the laptop. You can check this inventive video concept by Christopher Fernandes below.

This Surface Band concept is revolutionary in many ways. A curved OLED display, Windows Core OS, Continuum support, ultra-thin bezels, a large aspect ratio are some of the proposed features. Merging both the smart band and smartphone with the capability to perform tasks on a PC, is indeed an incredible idea. Now, it is all up to Microsoft whether to buy this concept and implement it in the near future. One thing is for sure, that all the tech enthusiasts across the world would love to have something like this.

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