Mavic Pro 2: DJI Announcement Hints Release of New Drone

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The Mavic Pro 2 is arguably the most-awaited drone product from DJI right now. The Chinese company has repeatedly teased that they are hard at work on the new drone product. After the company sent a DJI press release to select publications, it seems the product may be on its way to retailers.

Mavic Pro II may come with the 360-degree camera

The press release invited tech writers and members of the press to an exclusive event hosted by DJI in New York City, according to Resource Mag. Those invited have been urged to “See The Bigger Picture,” in an attempt to tease a major product announcement.

The invite came with an image of a “Tiny Planet” rendering, widely believed to be a nod to the expected 360-degree camera feature that will be added. The feature is said to be the only way that the overhead landscape that was depicted in the invite could be taken.

Eagle-eyed users also saw a possible hint from DJI about the Mavic Pro 2 release. If you rotate the image, the letters in the picture that came with the invite would form the letter “M” and Roman numeral “II,” according to Drone DJ. While this could be just a coincidence, there is a bigger chance that this is a creative and sly trick from the Mavic manufacturer.

Mavic Pro 2 Announcement 

In related DJI drone news, the hints on the Mavic Pro II come just after the release of the Mavic Air. The DJI Mavic Air has been hailed as a great drone due to its size and flying ability, according to Alphr. It is small enough that users can fit it into a pocket, with just as much power in its flying functionality as most drones in the market right now.

Do you think the Mavic Pro 2 will be released before the year ends? Discuss your theories and thoughts in the comments section below.

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