Mac Mini 2018: Release Date, Features, Everything We Know So Far!

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Mac mini is known for sleek design and power packed features. Enabled with solid fourth generation Intel core processors, faster-integrated graphics, Thunderbolt 2, next-gen WiFi and multiple ports, Mac mini 2018 version is predicted to have much more. After a gap of four years, tech rumor mills are predicting October 2018 as the new release date and upgrade of Mac mini. Apple has not released any new updates or upgrades for Mac mini since 4 years, which is a long gap for users.

During last year’s WWDC in 2017, Apple announced a range of updates, upgrades, and new releases. HomePod, new iPad Pro 12.9 and iPad Pro 10.5 made their debut in 2017. In addition to this, Apple also revealed iOS 11 and watchOS 4 in the event.

About Price

Last Mac mini was released in 2014 and debuted in three configurations. Model at lowest rung was priced at $499 (£399, around AU$650), middle Mac mini was priced at $699 (£569, around AU$900) while the top range of Mac minis came with the tag of $999 (£569, around AU$1,300). This time around in 2018, prices should remain consistent but in case if there is a hardware upgrade, Mac mini can cost more.


There were quite a few rumors in 2017 which suggested interesting outlook on design and additional components in the next installment of Mac mini. Discussions were rife that the top end Mac mini will not be that mini in size. However, such rumors could not gain much ground.

Once again in 2018, tech enthusiasts are predicting Intel’s Cannon Lake processors for Mac mini. Intel Cannon Lake processors are known to provide rich graphical experience. Therefore, if Mac mini launches with Cannon Lake then it will surely please most of us.

Expectations from Mac mini in 2018

  • Mac mini should have the capability to handle 4k. With a superior processor in place, 4k support will prove advantageous.
  • A new design to go with upgraded components and processor strength.
  • As Tim Cook gave an assurance about how Apple is contemplating some interesting and innovative uses of Mac mini. People are looking forward to seeing its release date this year only.

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