Mac Mini Pro 2018: Release Date and Everything You Should Expect From The Mac Mini’s Resurgence

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In the last four years, we’ve seen some amazing new products by Apple, which mostly consisted of its acclaimed iPhone series. However, what we have yet to see from the Cupertino giant is another major iteration of the Mac Mini, which saw its last vital overhaul almost half a decade ago.

With this currently the case, it’s safe to assume that Apple might have relegated the Mac Mini 2018 into the retirement box. But despite that possibility, rumors still persist indicating that, although Apple has been quiet about the Mac Mini for the longest time,  the tech giant is planning to execute the resurgence of the beloved device soon, albeit unknown when specifically.

A clue that pretty much confirms the existence of this venture is CEO Tim Cook’s announcement. According to MacRumors, Cook assured users and consumers, alike, of the company’s plans of pursuing support for the portable PC. Besides this, he also confirmed that they still see the Mac Mini as an important product on their roster going forward — which only means that they are indeed gearing up to revive the computer lineup.

Now, in line with all of this, we’ve decided to list down all the things you should expect to appear in the newest edition of the Mac Mini. From design to specs down to features and price, we’re going to try our best to keep you covered on everything. So, stay tuned and keep reading!

Mac Mini 2018 Release Date

Like many of Apple’s products, the Mac Mini Pro still hasn’t been confirmed officially, which is more important in the aspect of a window launch date. Speculations and hearsays about the computer have also been scarce. But no matter the case, we still have another way of predicting the Mac Mini Pro’s release, and it’s by way of estimation.

Looking back in time, the last installation of the Mac Mini was released back in 2014 mid-October. Although the possibility is small, Apple could opt to follow through with this margin, however, it still very unlikely for them to release another product that has the potential to overshadow the iPhone X Plus rumored to be debuting this fall.

Tech Radar says that we should not rule out the possibility of a WWDC 2018 outing as Apple has, in recent years, used the function as a venue to release hardware tech, which was back in 2017 with the HomePod and the new iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9.

Design, Features, and Specifications

As with anything new, Apple is bound to give the new Mac Mini Pro 2018 a revamp in various aspects. First and foremost on this list is the adoption of a new form and aesthetics. Earlier rumors suggested that the new Mac Mini Pro will forego the mini look and push towards a larger setup effectively accommodating higher-end internals and, of course, cooling.

Whatever the case, we can expect the new model to come with a more modern design and improved soundproofing. Aside from this, Apple could also enhance its portability giving it a more tailored look partnered with thinner and a more compact appearance.

In terms of features, TechRadar argues that the new Mac Mini pro will likely drop with Apple TV support in tow. Now, they say that what this particular development entails is that the new portable PC will probably be integrated with 4K Support — a first in the lineup if Apple decides to pursue the endeavor.

Making this conjecture more of reality than imagined are rumors that point towards the usage of Intel processors in Apple’s new computer products, which automatically ensures that the new Mac Mini Pro will be powerful enough to handle 4K graphics.

Hardware-wise, as we mentioned above, if Apple decides on bumping up the performance of their new Mac Mini edition they will have to rely on Intel’s newest processors. This partnership will likely be once again ignited as Apple have always used Intel processors when it comes to its notebooks and computer offerings. However, another possibility exists, which will see Apple use their own processors to power the Mac Mini Pro 2018. Though not impossible, it’s more likely that the company will opt to use the former instead of the latter as the current venture is still in its infancy and is yet to produce even prototype.

All in all, it’s safe to deduce that the Mac Mini lineup isn’t going anywhere soon. Though it’s still too early to tell if the product will see an outing this year, it’s still important to note that it’s still within Apple’s capability to debut a device of that caliber this 2018, albeit still unspecified. With this in mind, we urge our readers to keep a lookout for leaks and new updates regarding the much-speculated Mac Mini Pro 2018.

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