Lists Of Free And Useful Cydia Tweaks For Electra Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1

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The jailbreak community has been busy lately especially that we’re going through the first month’s release of the Electra Jailbreak made for iOS 11.3.1 – 11.2. The folks behind the jailbreak, CoolStar works overtime to constantly improve their recent exploits along with the supportive jailbreak community’s support.

Cody, from the famous Youtube channel, iTwe4kz, provides a list of free and useful Cydia tweaks for all fellow jailbreaker. The tweaks were tested and feel free to download it and get the most out of your phone.

LiveRings – Developed by CP Digital Darkroom, LiveRings animates application icons that track your progress which is useful especially if you’re into Activity apps.

Marina – This jailbreak tweak allows you to customize your iPhone dock by altering the number of applications that can be placed in that section.

Creamy 2 – The tweak enables the user to alter the colors set of the Control Center screen.

Ming – LS Widget – Best if you’re looking for a minimalistic lock screen widget.

NoCCStatusXI – A tweak that removes those annoying texts in Control Center screen.

LS Mune – Enables you to get more minimalistic by simplifying the lock screen and the home screen (springboard).

AVLock – Adds extra security in your iOS’ video player interface using another lock system.

AdaptiveColorPower – Allows customization of the battery icon from the lock screen

Universal Mute – A tweak that automatically mutes all media when the ringer is set on mute.

SendDelay – Very useful in the heat of the moment when you send a message to a wrong person. The Tweak allows you to set a delay timer so you can do necessary changes or completely cancel the message sending process.

HapticKeyboard – Provides you that haptic feeling when you use your iPhone’s keyboard.

MagicBadges – Allows you to fully customize your notification badges in the application icons from the colors down to the size of all the components.

Malipo – Gives out a unique chime sound or any notification ringer that confirms the charging status of your phone.

Compatimark – It is a diagnostic tool that checks the compatibility of your phone’s firmware to the tweaks that you’re planning to install. Very helpful to spot the early signs of incompatible jailbreak tweaks.

SkinnySettings – Provides an aesthetic boost by removing some elements in your phone’s UI.

FUGAP – Removes the unwanted space on top of the Control Center.

ShieldXI – Provides another layer of security by adding extra locks for your favorite applications.

ccClearModulesBG – Clears the Control Center’s background

TimeToUnlock – Allows the user to input the current time for unlocking your phone.

huePasscode – Add colors to the passcode interface

ModernXI – Changes the lock screen notifications

CatchaThief – Grabs a snapshot of the current user when they entered a wrong passcode.

EQE – equalizer – Allows you to control the overall audio configuration of almost all the apps in your device.

volbrateXI – Gives a haptic feedback when you use the volume rocker.

NoLowPowerAlert – Removes the low-power notification from your phone.

Dateundertimex – Useful for Apple devices with a notch, the tweak provides an extra space in the status bar for the date.

CustomAlertX – Gives out cool animation from any notifications showing on the lock screen.

Stygian – Enables the dark mode back from YouTube app.

Here are other free tweaks that might be helpful to you:

XenInfo –


NoLowPowerAutoLock –


SB Mune –

Havenly 2




LS Old School

YouPip –

Malipo Sound Pack 3

Malipo Sound pack 2

Melior –

Clean Clock



LS Bolt



SB EW13    


AnimationsBeFast –

SleepyTime – –

MorePowerOptions –

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