LiberiOS For iOS 11 Jailbreak News: Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing

Maricris Jose
12:58 PM

The jailbreaking community has been quiet until the LiberiOS for iOS 11 jailbreak became available. But then despite being excited with the recently released jailbreak tool latest tech news today delivers some precautions.

Main reason why it might not be a good idea to install LiberiOS as of this moment

The LiberiOS, which is the newest jailbreaking OS for Apple devices has some bug issues that have to be addressed first. Latest tech news today also suggests that Saurik is still working on a better Cydia version. Apart from that, the newest iOS 11 jailbreak only functions on iOS 11.0 and iOS 11.1. Thus, the owners of iPhone 8 and iPhone X who are desperate to add the jailbreak will need to reboot their handset for each jailbreaking process.

How to Install LiberiOS Jailbreak for iOS 11

Just in case the users of the devices are still eager to install the LiberiOS jailbreak, latest tech news today stated that they should follow these steps. First, they have to connect their handsets to your PC or Mac using a Lightning cable. Afterwards, download LiberiOS from this link. Then, launch Cydia Impactor and drag the LiberiOS IPA file on it. They will have to follow the on-screen prompts for installation. The owners of the iOS devices will have to enter their Apple developer account credentials.

After the installation process is complete, head to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and TRUST the LiberiOS profile. Once trusted, they will have to run the LiberiOS app from their handset’s home screen then tap on ‘Do It.’ Give it a few seconds and their iOS device will be jailbroken, and totally liberated from Apple’s chains.

Do you think it is still worth installing the LiberiOS jailbreak for iOS 11 despite the aforementioned risks? Please share your thoughts and opinions in our comment section below.

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