Lenovo Yoga Book 2 Getting E Ink Keyboard

Yves Amodia
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Lenovo has officially teased the arrival of Lenovo Yoga Book 2. It may be something that we have never seen before.

Lenovo’s revolutionary E-ink panels

The Lenovo Yoga Book 2 will be using an E-ink touchscreen, one of the first models that incorporate the technology into its design, according to Slash Gear. The E-ink touchscreen will be placed in the lower half while the LCD touchscreen will occupy the upper half.

The E-ink touchscreen is said to double as a keyboard and a handwriting pad. A keyboard layout will pop out if needed. An exciting handwriting recognition capability will also be part of its functionality. Due to some issues that users had with the first edition, Lenovo has assured potential buyers that it has upgraded the inking experience on the Lenovo Yoga Book 2, according to Digit. The laptop may utilize the two-screen Tiger Rapids concept that chip partner Intel unveiled at Computex 2018 earlier in the week.

Other potential Lenovo Yoga Book 2 specs and features

Apart from the dual-screen display, the Lenovo Yoga Book 2 will be using the Whiskey Lake U and Amber Lake Y series of processors, according to Windows Report. Intel especially made these processors for slim and portable laptop devices as Lenovo was aiming to design the upcoming Yoga Book with a light and ultra-thin aesthetic. All these will make the second generation of the Yoga Book even more revolutionary than its predecessor, which was rightfully acclaimed both by tech critics and consumers.

Credit- Slashgear

As to the release date of the Lenovo Yoga Book 2, the company has not issued anything specific beyond “later in 2018.” The most likely introduction of the product may be at the IFA 2018 in Berlin. It can remember that the first generation Yoga Book was also released in the IFA event last year.

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