Here are the Google Pixel 3 Features Based on Latest Rumors and Leaks

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Half of 2018 is already almost through, and two leading smartphones are still expected to be launched. These are the new iPhones from Apple and other is the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones from Google.

Unconfirmed leaks about Google Pixel 3 is perplexing to everyone. While the said leaks are yet to be verified, new proofs hint that the upcoming Pixel 3 will be equipped with at least two new features.

Google has the usual tendency of removing features on their gadgets without making any announcement. This goes for both the company’s software and hardware. There was an instance when Google eliminated the wireless charging from its gadgets beginning with their Nexus 6P where they likewise removed the headphone jack.

Hence, it is rather comforting that a sole feature is not going to be removed from the Pixel 3. The said feature is the Active Edge, which is designed based on the Edge Sense of HTC. This feature was introduced in the Pixel 2. Although this is not regarded as a special feature, it certainly has followed; particularly because it can be customized compared to a Bixby or an LG button.

Google Pixel 3’s other feature that was previously leaked to have is a fullback portion made of glass. While this mentioned layout is not a dependable confirmation, the code’s source is. According to Android P’s code source modifications, the authorization for wireless charging is being integrated into certain Google bundles. But this could merely imply that the Android P is considering this change, although the Android P will be unveiled together with the Pixel 3, making the combination a great one.

In addition to the above features, the Google Pixel 3 XL is predicted to have a taller notch. According to rumors, the notch which is taller than the traditional one is built to house dual front cameras bordered by an upper front speaker. Fortunately, the Pixel 3 will still have its single main camera regardless of the dual and triple cameras that have currently pervaded the market.

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