Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Seen Taking Off Together: Pics Here!

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Justin and Selena have spotted in the latest viral photos! This news has sent fans into a frenzy. Reports circulating a patch up between Justin and Selena for another fresh inning are doing the rounds.

People are speculating if Jelena (Justin & Selena) are interested to mend their relationship post-Selena’s liver transplant, a month ago. While Selena Gomez denied any reconciliation with Justin Bieber last year, these recent pictures say something else. Both have been spotted together taking off on a private plane to an undisclosed destination.

Selena Gomez, who was sporting blonde hair, wore a black overcoat. While her beau Justin was seen wearing a casual combination of jacket and jeans. The couple was carrying luggage which indicated that they are set to travel together. It looked like as if Selena and Justin Bieber are traveling for a quick getaway.

From Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez to “Jelena”

Justin and Selena met each other through their managers in 2009. They were close friends for quite a few years and shared a great camaraderie. In 2011, both appeared together in Vanity Fair Oscar Party. By early 2012, both looked much in love and Justin shared pictures of the couple on Instagram. Since then, their relationship has reportedly been on and off.

During the end of November 2014, Selena confirmed that she and Justin are no more seeing each other due to busy work lives. But in March 2016, fans were flabbergasted to find out pictures of “Jelena” from Justin’s Instagram account.



After their last argument reportedly about Justin cheating on Selena with some other girl, both maintained a pin drop silence.

Post the health issues faced by Selena looks like the couple is definitely trying to come back on track. For us, let’s just wait and see what happen next!

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