Jailbreak News: Houdini11 Semi-Jailbreak For iOS 11 And 11.1.2 Now Available, Changelog Detailed

Maricris Jose
4:10 PM

The jailbreak community will be delighted as a new tool has become available. Dubbed as Houdini11, the semi-jailbreak for iOS 11 to iOS 11.1.2 will bring a lot of new features to the device.

According to Yalu JB, the Houdini11 semi-jailbreak now carries customization to all Apple gadgets on iOS 11 firmware. The owners of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch can now enjoy the features brought by the said too.

Why it is called “Semi-Jailbreak”?

Houdini11 is a limited version of jailbreak and it only brings basic theming and customization to the iOS operating system. This is why it is called a “semi-jailbreak”. Formerly, it was only accessible on iOS 10-10.3.2 versions. But then with the latest upgrade, it now has support for iOS 11 firmware as well.

The Houdini11 utilizes Ian Beer’s async_wake exploit to obtain root access and apply the needed customization. Consequently, the users can use it only up till iOS 11.1.2 and it is incompatible with all other newer versions of iOS 11.2.

Moreover, TechGiri has learned that aside from the addition of the compatibility to iOS 11.1.2, the developer of this jailbreak tool also made some additional changes. This is to extend what Houdini11 is capable of providing to device owners together with some internal changes to enhance the process. That includes the security efficiencies.

Houdini11 Semi-Jailbreak Changelog:

As for the full changelog, it includes iOS 11 support, faster startup time, modified Icon shapes (iOS 11), system-wide ads Blocker (iOS 11) and modified Emoji fonts (iOS 11). Upon the installing the tool, the users will also notice change boot logo (iOS 11), add your face to Animoji (iOS 11) (X only) themes temporarily disabled (iOS 11) and added safety measurements

With that beings said, those who were utilizing Houdini will now be capable of changing the icon shapes and emoji fonts on iOS 11. It also amends to the boot logo when performed on one of Apple’s 64-bit devices running iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2.

For the iOS device owners who wanted to download the Houdini IPA version, they will just have to head to the official website here. What can you say about the changelogs brought by Haoudini11? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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