Electra iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak: List Of Compatible Tweaks On Cydia

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Jailbreaking in the recent times is a little bit complicated than what most of the jailbreaking community did in the past. With CoolStar and their team, they just recently released their new masterpiece, the Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1 – iOS 11.2.

The team behind the jailbreak also provided the Project Repo-unclutter tool as part of the package. The tool’s main usage is filtering out jailbreak applications and fine-tunes the others programs that are not compatible with iOS 11 to iOS 11.1.2. This tool also prevents the installations of compatible jailbreak tweaks.

To help the whole jailbreak community, the team that brought us the jailbreak provided a list of Cydia tweaks and applications that are tested and compatible with the current version. This list is still evolving and currently, 73Buzz team saw at least 30 Cydia tweaks. Let’s take a look at them.

Package ID Name Version Repo Name
iOS version tested on
com.ikilledappl3.9folderz 9Folderz 1.0.2-1 BigBoss 11.1.2
libactivator Activator 1.9.12 BigBoss 11.1.2
com.fortysixandtwo.alkaline Alkaline 1.3 Modmyi 11.1.2
com.anemonetheming.anemone Anemone 2.1.7-5 BigBoss 11.1.2
com.rbt.batterylife BatteryLife 1.7.0 BigBoss 11.1.2
org.coolstar.betterpowerdown BetterPowerDown 1.4.0 BigBoss 11.1.2
ws.hbang.brightvol BrightVol 1.0.2 BigBoss 11.1.2
ws.hbang.common Cephei 1.9 BigBoss 11.1.2
ws.hbang.chrysalis Chrysalis 1.1 BigBoss 11.1.2
org.coolstar.classicfolders2 ClassicFolders 2 2.1.2 BigBoss 11.3.1
ws.hbang.codling Codling 1.1 BigBoss 11.3.1
com.golddavid.colorbanners2 ColorBanners 2 1.1.0 BigBoss 11.1.2
com.ikilledappl3.colormyccmodules ColorMyCCModules 1.0.4-1 BigBoss 11.1.2
com.r333d.cylinder Cylinder 1.0.6 BigBoss 11.1.2
com.tigisoftware.filza Filza File Manager 3.5.2-1 BigBoss 11.1.2
com.aditkamath.flame Flame 1.3 BigBoss 11.3.1
org.thebigboss.libcolorpicker libcolorpicker 1.6-1 BigBoss 11.1.2
ws.hbang.linkopener LinkOpener 1.6 BigBoss 11.1.2
com.chloeeisoaky.luminous Luminous 1.2 BigBoss 11.1.2
ws.hbang.mapsopener MapsOpener 1.6 BigBoss 11.1.2
org.coolstar.nolargetitles NoLargeTitles 1.0-1 BigBoss 11.1.2
com.iadam1n.notrending NoTrending 1.1 BigBoss 11.1.2
ws.hbang.libopener Opener 3.2 BigBoss 11.1.2
preferenceloader PreferenceLoader 2.2.3-3 Bigboss 11.1.2
com.rpetrich.rocketbootstrap Rocket Bootstrap 1.0.6 BigBoss 11.1.2
com.ikilledappl3.soundtasker SoundTasker 1.1-1 BigBoss 11.1.2
com.iadam1n.statusfolder StatusFolder 1.0.1 BigBoss 11.3.1
com.iadam1n.statusswitcher StatusSwitcher 1.1-1 BigBoss 11.3.1
org.coolstar.ventana Ventana 1.2.1 BigBoss 11.3.1
com.justinpetkovic.youtubetools YouTube Tools 1.7 BigBoss 11.1.2
com.alexzielenski.zeppelin Zeppelin 2.1.0 Modmyi 11.1.2

This list of  jailbreak tweaks for latest Electra Jailbreak will provide you insights on what to install and more importantly, what you should not get. This is very important when you’re attemtpting to do jailbreaking.

The listed tweaks have been proven working and stable in the current version of the iOS jailbreak and we expect this to grow in the coming days. Our team will look into the details once we got new information regarding the Electra jailbreak.

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