iPhone X2, iPhone X Plus, iPhone 9: What Will The New Apple Smartphones Be Called?

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While it is pretty much confirmed that a new set of Apple smartphones will be making its way to stores this year, it is not known yet whether the name will be iPhone X2, iPhone X Plus or iPhone 9. After the Cupertino-based company threw in a surprising name for last year’s model, people are convinced that the official name for the 2018 iPhone is among the aforementioned three.

iPhone X2, iPhone X Plus or iPhone 9?

It looks like there will be room for all the three names for the upcoming set of releases, according to Forbes. It looks like the successor to the current iPhone model will be called iPhone X2. iPhone X Plus, on the other hand, will be the name of the super-sized iPhone. As to the more budget-friendly iPhone, it may be named either iPhone 9 or iPhone SE2.

As previously reported, Apple is set to announce three iPhones in a September hardware event. The three new iPhone releases will enable it to maximize its product reach.

Features and specs of new iPhones

All the three iPhones will heavily resemble the iPhone X, according to CNet. There are, however, some major differences with regards to the features and specs.

The budget iPhone, for example, will only have an LCD screen. The two more expensive ones will get OLED screens instead.

These three iPhones may also be a bit slower than some of the Android phones. This is because Apple will not be using Qualcomm processors for their chips.

Which of iPhone X Plus, iPhone X2 and iPhone 9 will be among the names that will be used for this year’s Apple smartphones? Will Apple be throwing in a curveball into the mix just like last year? Let us know about your ideas by posting an entry in the comments section below.

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