New iPhone X2 (iPhone 11) Will Cost Similar To iPhone X? Price, Leaks Detailed

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The new iPhone X2 (a.k.a. iPhone 11) will cost around $1,000 similar to the current iPhone X according to the recent leaks revealing another hefty price tag for this highly-anticipated smartphone. The giant tech Apple seems to be preparing again to demand a high cost for its new upcoming iPhones.

According to Forbes, the Taiwanese tech website Economic Daily News recently posted that the Apple’s new flagship iPhone X2 (iPhone 11) will start at the price of $999. This indicates that the company made an expensive decision to increase and cut their iPhone prices.

The three new models inspired from the current iPhone X will be introduced as the iPhone X SE  a.k.a iPhone SE2 at the price of $799, the iPhone X2 (iPhone 11) at $899, and the iPhone X Plus at $899. This pricing is still in the entry level and will increase at $100 later on for the X SE (iPhone SE 2), which is considered as a single-camera version of the current iPhone X with an LCD panel.

However, the iPhone X2 (iPhone 11) will reduce to $100 to clear a space for the bigger iPhone X Plus. This upcoming device is the second generation of the current iPhone X. Meanwhile, the iPhone X Plus is believed to be top of the range with its 6.5-inch display and will remain just under the price of $1,000.

Hence, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will receive price cuts. Currently, the iPhone 8 for the 64GB variant is priced at $699 and the 256GB variant at $849. Then, the iPhone 8 Plus for the 64GB variant costs $799 while the 256GB variant at $949. At the same time, the current iPhone X will be withdrawn ahead of its sale to give way to and will not clash with the sales of the upcoming iPhone X SE (iPhone SE 2).

So, what do you think about the latest rumors of the iPhone X2, iPhone SE2, and iPhone X Plus? Share your thoughts by writing in the comment section below.

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