iPhone SE 2 Release Date, Specs, Price: Everything You Need To Know

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We all know that every new iPhone entails a big chunk of cash. For most that large amount isn’t something that can be easily given away. That’s why Apple came up with an ingenious way to deliver the iPhone experience to consumers who do not have the luxury of affording the main lineup by creating the iPhone SE that is a cheaper version of the iPhone. Since its initial release back in 2016, the iPhone SE continue to be one of Apple’s best selling products. Now in 2018, many hearsays point to a possible successor to the iPhone SE, which will allegedly come in the form of the iPhone SE 2.

In light of these current developments, we bring you everything that you need to know about the much-speculated iPhone SE2. From specifications to price point, we got you covered top to bottom. Just keep reading!

iPhone SE 2 Release Date

In earlier reports of the iPhone SE 2, many claim that the new installation will see a release early in 2018. Back in August of 2017, FocusTaiwan indicated that the new iPhone SE2 is gearing up for a release in the first quarter of the year. Backing this claim up, albeit more specifically, is another Taiwanese website in the form of Taiwan Electronic Times, who suggested that the new iPhone SE will be debuting sometime this March.

In contrast with these predictions, TrendForce insists that the window launch date is wider than previously thought, encompassing the first half of 2018. In line with this timeframe, Chinese website revealed that the iPhone SE2 will ultimately see an official outing on Apple’s WWDC this 2018 in June. However, MacWorld argues that this may not be the case as the California-based tech company hasn’t revealed an iPhone during the function since 2010. According to them, the most appropriate outing for the iPhone SE 2 would probably be around Fall, specifically in September, which goes along with Apple’s release schedules in more recent unveilings. They also add that, WWDC is an event that focuses more on software development rather than hardware, which means it would uncharacteristic for Apple if they choose to drop the phone during the event.

iPhone SE 2 Design and Specifications

In terms of design, the biggest clue that we currently have is a video allegedly depicting the new iPhone SE 2 in the flesh. Based on the footage, the iPhone SE2 will be retaining its trademark boxed metal body while borrowing design elements from the iPhone X which includes a 4.2-inch all-screen display, more circular edges, and a notch. On top of this, the video leak also points out a dual-camera setup at the back.

On specifications, speculations pinpoint that an A11 chip will be used in the second generation iPhone SE 2. However, TrustedReviews disagrees saying that an A10 processing chip would be the most ideal for the new iteration since Apple aims to market the iPhone SE 2 as a cheaper alternative to the main iPhone roster. This particular move, they say, also serves another purpose and that is to clearly deviate the iPhone SE2 from more high-end variations by way toning internals down. Lastly, the iPhone SE2 is said to be getting a much-needed boost in the camera department through the implementation of a 12-megapixel shooter at the back, which many believe will be the same one used in the iPhone 8.

Price Point

Seeing as Apple originally created the iPhone SE as a cheaper alternative to more high-end iPhone variants, it’s safe to say that the new product version will be valued at a lower price, keeping with its roots. However, if we take into account the updated features and more powerful internal hardware, the iPhone SE2 will probably see a much higher market price than its predecessor the iPhone SE, which is valued at $349. It will most likely be given a price tag similar to that of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus at $700 and $800 respectively. Either that or Apple could go somewhere in between $400 and $800.

If you want to see the how the rumored iPhone SE 2 looks and fairs, you can watch the video below.

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