Apple iPhone 11 Rumor Roundup: Everything You Should Know About Upcoming iPhone X Successor

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The iPhone X undoubtedly swept the competition this year and with that in mind, it’s obviously possible that Apple is readying itself for another surprise unveiling, which many believe will come in the form of the much-talked-about iPhone 11. Although no confirmations and official announcements have been made yet, numerous rumors and speculations have been creeping up online insisting that the new iPhone installment is much closer at hand than previously thought. In respect to the overwhelming hearsays, we’ve compiled all details surrounding the newest iPhone iteration and serving it up on a silver platter to satisfy all your tech cravings. Read on and enjoy!

iPhone 11 Release Date

It’s clear to us that Apple isn’t one to give away details for most of their surprises, however, a little birdy in the form of ZDNet has recently reported that following their previous release dates, Apple is gearing up to release their new iPhone 11 sometime in fall, specifically in September or October. They also add that the tech giant isn’t stalling their devices this year, which pretty much confirms that we’ll be seeing a new iPhone device this fall of 2018.

iPhone 11 Specifications and Features

We all know that Apple does not cut corners when it comes to their products, that’s why it’s always safe to say that, more than anything else, Apple will be bumping up the performance of their new device. According to recent reports, Apple is focused on developing a new processing chip to go along with the new iPhone 11. The new chip, which will be called the A12, will be integrated into the new device and probably for to other devices that are also currently rumored to be seeing releases this year namely the iPad Pro 3.

In term of manufacturing, Samsung won’t be in the running anymore as TSMC has developed a new process that more efficient, the 7-nanometer process. This new process will be a big leap from last year’s 10-nanometer process implemented in the production of the A11 chip employed in the latest roster of iPhones, which includes the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X.

Aside from this, CNET says that Apple is also planning on making the new FaceID feature, which makes use of Apple’s new 3D True Depth sensor, a standard characteristic in all planned devices after the iPhone X. With this news now out in the open, it’s safe to say that Apple is going to be integrating the much-coveted FaceID feature within their new device, the iPhone 11.

In addition to the Face scanning feature, Apple also intends to push through with their own in-display fingerprint scanner called Clear ID. However, CNET argues that this may all be just a baseless propaganda since if Apple goes through with, they will be admitting that the Face ID which they take high pride on doesn’t have the kind of staying power the fingerprint scanner has, in terms of safety and security.

iOS 12

More than anything else, the operating system aspect of Apple’s new iPhone 11 is surely going to be the highlight of the upcoming device, which means it’s going to come out with iOS 12 in tow. According to Bloomberg, this new system will focus more on the quality of the experience more than new features, which stems from Apple’s current endeavor of not showing off new innovations while still not ready.

iPhone 11 Price Point

If we go by Apple’s current pricing strategy, then it will be obvious that the new iPhone 11 will be up there among handsets with a starting price of $999. According to Above Avalon, this value point is just the starting line as storage and new technology may influence the overall tag price of the device.

All in all, there isn’t much concrete leads to really go by when it comes Apple iPhone 11. Readers should always look towards Apple for confirmations and announcements regarding the new iPhone device.

If you know something that we don’t, please feel free to tell us down below in the comments section!

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