iPad Pro 3 Wishlist: Every Major Upgrade That We Want To See In iPad Pro 2018

Maricris Jose
11:03 AM

The iPad Pro 3 is expected to debut on Worldwide Developers Conference aka WWDC 2018. As the said event nears speculations about the device are surfacing online.

iPad Pro 3 Expected Enhancements and New Features

Here are some of the anticipated enhancements and new features that the iPad Pro 3 will carry:

Water Resistance

Apple has already incorporated water resistance to its iPhones, but so far not to its tablets. Even though it’s less necessary on a tablet to be dropped in a glass and improbable to be used while in the rain, it still could come in handy.

Water, juice or other kinds of drinks still spill and people use their tablets when cooking or by a pool. Thus knowing that the iPad Pro 3 could endure a soak would be reassuring, particularly given how much this tablet cost.

Better Efficiency Skills

The Cupertino-based tech giant is really pushing the productivity potential of the iPad Pro, but then in most cases, it still can’t quite match to a laptop. The company’s fans are wishing that the iPad Pro 2018 will have fuller, desktop-quality software, like Photoshop. To some degree, that’s out of Apple’s control, but it could make agreements with developers, or just create the platform more attractive to them.

Sharp OLED Screen

It can be recalled that the iPad Pro 2 features a screen that has a pixel density of 265 pixels per inch, which is fairly sharp, and the overall screen superiority is high. But since there are sharper screens on phones, tablets, and laptops the company’s fans would like a higher resolution, particularly as an iPad it must be a prime contender for 4K content. Additionally, Apple has now utilized OLED for the iPhone X, so it’s completely possible that the iPad Pro 3 will be equipped with that technology well.

Face ID

Apple already launched the Face ID on the iPhone X, which lets the user to simply look at the phone to unlock it. That basically means no more home button, which in turn lets for a larger screen in the same size shell. These are all good things, and the fans wanted to see it in the iPad Pro 3.

Better Battery Life

The iPad Pro 3’s predecessor doesn’t have bad battery life, but if you’re planning to use it as a full laptop replacement you’ll perhaps only use it for 6-7 hours. Thought it’s not bad, an extra couple of hours of usage would really help, so whether, through a larger battery or more competent software and components, many would like to see a better battery life for the iPad Pro 3.

New Look

The iPad Pro features a light, slim and stylish design, but it’s somewhat the same one Apple has been using for years. Thus many are expecting a total overhaul for the iPad Pro 2018. The fans are looking for something new and exciting that could entice those owners of the older models to upgrade.

These are the expected features and enhancements that the iPad Pro 3 will have. However, these are based on some speculations and rumors, so it’s advised to be taken with skepticism. Always keep an eye for further announcements regarding the much-anticipated device.

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