iPad Pro 3 Rumors 2018: Features, Specs, Release Date, and Pricing

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We all know Apple makes products that click, from smartphones to music players, just name it and you got it —complete with everything that you want and much more. This is the primary reason why many have come to love the tech company’s products –to the point of always looking out for news and rumors detailing Apple’s newest product offerings. Well now, it seems like fans don’t have to wait in anticipation any longer as news about Apple’s latest, and much-speculated gadget, the iPad Pro 3, is wreaking havoc among tech enthusiasts online. If you’re dying to know all the juicy updates regarding this new device, then look no further as we’ve listed down all the things that you need to know.

iPad Pro 3 Release Date

According to the latest speculations, Apple might be planning to unveil the iPad Pro 3 in its latest open dialogue function, the Apple Education Event —which will be held in Chicago this March on the 27th. Although the talk will likely focus on other things, ValueWalk insists that Apple might give consumers a couple hints regarding the development of the iPad Pro 3 or even go as far as to confirm rumors about the device.

However, in terms of a specific launch date and release window, CNet argues that it might be too early for another edition of the iPad Pro to see the light of day since it’s only been less than a year ago when Apple released new installments, which came in the form of the 9.7 inch iPad and the varied 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pros.

iPad Pro 3 Specs and Features

In terms of screen size, rumors say that the iPad Pro 3 will likely have a much larger screen display of 11 inches in line with  Apple’s current design trend, which employs larger touchscreens and narrower bezels. However, the report indicates that this new design element will likely be absent in the next iPad Pro iteration since the iPad is a different handheld device, employing a much larger screen. if they implement intend to implement this aesthetic on the iPad Pro 3 several problems in handling and grip might arise.

Processor-wise, the new iPad Pro 3, as with tradition, will be imbued with much faster and stronger processors. To balance this out, the new device will also be receiving a much longer-running battery. On top of this, rumors indicate that a new pencil support feature is also in the works to go along with the new iPad Pro  3. This particular development doesn’t seem too far off as Bloomberg confirmed that Apple is currently working on a new pencil stylus for its iPad series.

Talking about security, similar to the latest Face ID feature integrated within the new iPhone X, iPad Pro 3 will more than likely be granted the same or an improved version of the security attribute. Aside from this, reports say that this new edition will come sans the home button and headphone jack –a move which makes complete sense since the latest Apple products have gone without the aforementioned features.

iPad Pro 3 Pricing

Seeing as one of Apple’s current goals is to get the iPad on as many hands as they can,  price cuts or discount deals on the upcoming iPad Pro 3 is possible. Just recently, many outlets have confirmed that Apple has dropped the price for the older generation of iPads, which goes perfectly with the tech giant’s endeavor to make its tablet series more accessible to consumers.

As of present time, Apple has not confirmed nor denied the existence of the iPad Pro 3, which will likely fuel more rumors regarding the upcoming model. However, no matter how enticing and believable these unfounded rumors and speculations are, fans should always take these unfounded developments with a grain of salt until Apple confirms them directly.

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