iOS 12: New Trackpad Feature In Prep for iPad Pro 3?

Yves Amodia
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A leak from the current iOS 12 beta version indicates that Apple will be adding a trackpad feature in the operating system. This feature will be used mainly to make text editing easier. Through the trackpad, putting the cursor on the right spot is easier than ever. But apart from the benefit, the users will experience from the feature, is there another major reason that we are seeing these leaks?

iOS 12 beta leaks hint nearing iPad Pro 3 release

There are rumors that the leak with regards to the trackpad feature signals that Apple is in the last few phases in the development of iOS 12. But more importantly, it means that iOS 12 could launch with the iPad Pro 3.

After all, the rumored September release of the new iPad Pro is just a month away. The iPad Pro 3 is the perfect device to launch the OS update with as it is hailed for its productivity tools and apps.

Better productivity with the trackpad

The integration of the 3D Touch starting with the iPhone 6s already added a trackpad-like feature. But it was not the most precise. With the new iOS update, the trackpad will be hidden but easily accessible, according to CNet.

Other upcoming Apple products

In related Apple product news, it is becoming apparent that the iPhone X Plus will have a lot of new features upon release, according to Forbes. Not only could it have dual SIM capability, it may also have major similarities with the iPhone 9. The latter will thinner bezels and could sport a Full Active LCD.

Are you excited to download and install the iOS 12 once it is officially released? Do the recent leaks about the OS mean that we are approaching the release of the iPad Pro 3? Let us know by posting an entry in the comments section below.

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