iOS 11.3 Jailbreak Tool In The Works, To Arrive Later Than Hoped

Jasper Valdez
2:44 PM

Just recently, Apple released the final version of its new and updated operating system, the iOS 11.3. The software update is now available to those with a compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod. However, some are still not in the mood for celebrating especially those in the jailbreak community as a jailbreak tool for the new software installment has yet to arrive.

Although there’s no shortage of efforts in the development of a jailbreak tool, those who are on jailbroken devices might want to forego updating their device to the latest software as jailbreak progress has been slow for a while. According to estimates, it will probably take a little more time before an official crack for the iOS 11.3 drops since the software is on a whole new level of difficulty. Aside from this, they also shared that releasing a jailbreak tool for the current software might be a pointless venture. As of the moment, the iOS 11.3 is still in a pre-release state for most devices, which makes it quite difficult to create a universal jailbreak tool.

Though this is the case for most Apple devices, as we all know, iOS 11.3 is now being finalized for other product lineups such as the new iPad 6. This scenario only means one thing for the community, progress on the iOS 11.3 jailbreak tool will now get out of stalemate and will probably be able to continue.

In terms of where the project is at present, the most recent update came from Abraham Masri – a known developer in the jailbreaking community. According to him, there exists a vulnerability on the iOS 11.3, which he tagged as ‘0day.’ Though usually a cause for celebration, Masri indicates that even if the ‘0day’ exploit has been found, it might not be as useful as anyone might think considering it was discovered in a pre-release update. However, Masri shared that it will probably be more useful if combined with other future exploits.

Currently, the only jailbreakable software we currently have available is the iOS 11.1.2, which means the community has a lot of ground to cover before an iOS 11.3 jailbreak tool is created. In addition to this huge pile of work, those who have already updated to iOS 11.3 might want to restore their device to a jailbroken state as Apple will likely push through with stopping the signing of devices with earlier firmware now that iOS 11.3 has been released.

With things halted, we can’t really predict a plausible timeline for the jailbreak tool’s release. But rest assured, the community is doing its best to tackle the current situation. The only thing we can do now is to wait.

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