GTA 6: A Perfect Wish List For Rockstar’s Next Installment

Jasper Valdez
4:57 PM

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) has seen quite the attention lately with leaks and rumors continuously popping up and about on the interwebs. But despite this being the case, we’re still clueless as to what the new installation might look like or more specifically how it will turn out. That’s why we’ve decided to make our own list of things that we want to see included in the next iteration and here’s to hoping that Rockstar Games is tuning in. Well, then let’s start.

Multiplayer Mode

Though there have been five installments in the successful GTA series, we have yet to see a different approach to gameplay. In an interview with Game Informer, Rockstar shared that they have quite an attachment to the single-player genre, saying that when it comes to storytelling the former is unrivaled.

However this time around, we sure do believe that the next installment of the game might possibly integrate such a feature. As demonstrated in GTA Online, it’s clearly possible for a co-op gameplay to exist within the game’s premise but with Rockstar’s firm grip on its preference, we’ll likely be provided with occasional multiplayer campaigns rather than a full-on leap to the genre.

Varied Protagonists

Although recently displayed in the latest GTA V, we still hope (crossing fingers) that Rockstar Games is planning on bringing this particular premise onboard the GTA 6. According to WhatCulture, this particular setup might see a recurrence in GTA VI as latest rumors point to such. If Rockstar does indeed want to translate this feature to the new iteration then, we’ll be able to once again swap characters in-game while on missions.

Enhanced Character Customization

Since years ago, we’ve already been given the opportunity personalize our characters in GTA, however, these customizations are limited to hairstyles and other tangible elements of the character. This time around, we hope that Rockstar enables players to fully manage there characters’ looks by employing a much more intensive and comprehensive avatar creation feature, which, for example, changes the race of the character and something along those lines.

A  Strong Female Lead

Looking at GTA’s history, it’s fairly obvious that main characters have always been men. The only time we were given a strong female character was on GTA 3 in the form of Catalina. To spice things up on GTA 6, Rockstar can opt to employ a strong female lead. According to PC Gamer,  the developer is already planning to push through with a strong female lead, however, details have been scarce as of present time.

If you have other things and features you’d like to see on GTA 6, share it here with us by dropping us a comment below!

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