GTA 6 Will Return To Vice City With New Female Lead Character; Release Date Still Distant

Maricris Jose
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Grand Theft Auto has been a hit and its fans have been patiently waiting for the GTA 6 to arrive. Unluckily, recent reports stated that its launch is still distant but there’s a possibility that it will be set in Vice City and a female lead character could possibly arrive.

GTA 6 Release Date

According to Technobezz, Rockstar has decided to tag the GTA VI as “Project Americas” and it was stated that this much-anticipated video game will be released 3 to 4 years from now. This basically means that the GTA fans can expect to play the video game either in 2021 or 2022. Moreover, Rockstar is known to struggle with meeting the launch dates for its games so the fans must be aware that it might be pushed back even more.

GTA 6 To Go Back To Vice City

Grand Theft Auto 6 will allegedly be set at Vice City. For some reference, Vice City is a town that has appeared before in the video game and it signifies Rockstar’s version of South Florida.  It is also worth pointing out that this setting has been one of the most loved locations of the GTA; thus, making a comeback into that world would be awesome. But despite that, it is still a rumor and is advised to be taken with skepticism. Also, the game is still a long way from its launch, so there’s a big possibility to see something different.

GTA 6 To Have A Female Lead character

The GTA franchise typically features women as either the girlfriends of the protagonist or some sort of prostitutes. It is very rare to see them in a position of power, and even then they’re being killed. Nonetheless, one noticeable rumor roaming around the GTA community is that the GTA 6 will have a female lead character. But then, since it’s just a speculation we still have to wait if that will transpire.

What can you say about these rumors regarding the GTA 6? Please don’t hesitate to share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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