GTA 6 Rumors: Sixth GTA Game To Arrive In 2022 And Possibly As A PS5 Launching Title

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As we all know, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most sought-after and anticipated game titles ever to exist in the gaming world. Currently, this is evidenced by GTA V’s overwhelming success, raking in a total of  $90 million in unit sales since it launched back in 2013. However, despite the game’s warm reception, fans can’t help but look towards the future – in the form of GTA 6.

Though details about the sixth installment’s development have been scarce, many believe that Rockstar Games is cooking up something big this time around with talks of a possible character shake-up, a return to Vice City, and a bigger open world headlining the affair. Despite how interesting these new updates maybe, a question that stays glued to our collective consciousness  is “When is GTA 6 really coming out?”

Now, it seems like we won’t be needing to guess our way around GTA 6’s outing as new rumors suggest a solid timeline for release. According to reports, the earliest possible release date for the GTA VI is somewhere around 2022 seeing as developer Rockstar Games currently have a lot going on behind the scenes, which includes support for GTA V’s online feature and Red Dead Redemption 2’s upcoming debut scheduled on October of this year.

Youtube channel The Know have also come out with a video in support of this time frame release. In the clip, they shared that GTA 6 will most likely be dropped between 2021 or 2022 seeing as its developer, Rockstar Games, have, in recent years, chosen to push back their previous titles by a year -or probably more this time around.

Aside from launch developments, new rumors have also popped up saying that GTA 6 is going to be a launching title for Sony’s console, the PlayStation 5. According to different reports, there are two reasons why GTA 6’s development is not being rushed – one is that it’s waiting for Sony to drop its new console. The second one is that Rockstar Games aims to partner up GTA 6 with the PS5 as a launching title, which will guarantee the game will sell.

Taking these developments into account, we can conclude that GTA 6 isn’t going to turn up anytime soon. Most likely, the game will see a release after or simultaneously with the release of the next-generation consoles, which now is allegedly Sony’s PS5. Although everything up to this point is merely conjectured, it’s still a significant step forward to have an idea of when the GTA VI is going to be released and on what console.

As always, we urge our readers to take this news with a grain of salt until Rockstar games and Sony confirms their validity. Share your wishlist for GTA 6 in the comment section below.

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