GTA 6: Potential Features To Improve From Grand Theft Auto 5

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The massive success of Grand Theft Auto 5 makes GTA 6 one of the most highly anticipated entertainment titles in the coming years. Its predecessor, which is still earning $5-6 million a day, is the bestselling entertainment product so it will take a lot for GTA VI to top that. But even with its undeniable blockbuster appeal, one cannot deny that there is a lot that could be improved in it.

Possible GTA 6 improvements

With the rumored release of the next GTA in the next few years, it is necessary to point out the flaws that Grand Theft Auto 5 had. These are eight features that GTA 6 should improve from the previous entry in the franchise:

Make the protagonist mute again

For Grand Theft Auto 6 to work, it would be better if the protagonist gamers are playing is devoid of character and personality. This will enable players to do whatever they want with the character.

Piece-by-piece unlocking of the map

Putting the map out there the moment the game is released has made exploring the world boring. There is a thrill when there is a progression in the unlocking parts of the map.

Missions with diverse objectives

There is a credible clamor for GTA 6 to have more diverse objectives for their missions. This will make playing the game a delight as it harkens back to earlier GTA titles with different objectives and game mode mechanics.

The inclusion of female protagonists

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that a lot of gamers and critics have called out Grand Theft Auto franchise entries as degrading to women. If there is one thing to appease these critics, it is to put multi-dimensional, strong female protagonists in the next game.

More boats and aircraft

Cars have always been an integral part of the gameplay in the Grand Theft Auto series. However since boats, aircraft and even bicycles have already been introduced, developers might as well make them more relevant to the gameplay. This means introducing more boats and aircraft into the game.

Clothing and faction wars should matter

In the past entries in the franchise, clothing and faction matters made playing more exciting. Back then, they were relevant to the gameplay. That is something that Grand Theft Auto 6 developers should fix from GTA 5.

The post-launch balance between single and multi-player downloadable content

When Grand Theft Auto 5 was first released, developer Rockstar Games promised that it will be prioritizing the development of single-player DLC. However, this changed when the online multiplayer platform became popular. It would be great if the developer strikes a balance between the two for the next game’s DLC.

Book celebrity for character and voice cameos

If you want memorable side characters in the game, it would be a smart move for Rockstar Games to enlist popular celebrities to be part of the cast. This could come as character or voice cameos.

Do you agree with any of the potential GTA 6 features that have been outlined here? What are your thoughts on the upcoming follow-up to the Grand Theft Auto 5? Comment below so we will know what you think.

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