Grand Theft Auto 6: 8 GTA 6 Rumors And Wishlist We Wish Were True

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Grand Theft Auto 6 is arguably one of the most highly-awaited video game entertainment titles in the next decade. Five years after the release and eventual massive success of its predecessor, the public is waiting eagerly for GTA 6 partly due to the strategic secrecy in its development.

Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors and wishlists

Unfortunately, due to the tight-lipped nature of the video game industry with regards to popular titles like this, much of what people know about Grand Theft Auto 6 are not confirmed. These are eight of the best rumors and wishlist entries about the GTA 6 that we would want to become true when the game arrives:

Improved gameplay

There will surely be a lot of improvements in the next Grand Theft Auto game. Because of the massive sales of the latest game, the developers will have a lot of tricks on their sleeves for sure.

Single-player DLC

The most recent GTA release never got single-player downloadable content. While streaming and online gaming is the trend right now, it looks like developer Rockstar Games is not giving up on downloadable content just yet.

Better free mode

One of the most common complaints about Grand Theft Auto V is that the free mode is not the most ideal. Often, the spawn is almost always killed in lobbies, according to VGR. If the next GTA is to become a success, developers should focus on fixing passive mode abuse and spawn killing.

Variety in the missions

Grand Theft Auto Online can use some more variety when it comes to its missions. Earning more cash through these missions would be great as well.

Online balancing

A lot of players complain that earning better equipment through playtime or through paying is actually unfair to new users. New players are usually defeated easily by more experienced gamers because of the equipment they have. It may be something that the developers of GTA 6 would want to consider if they want to level off the playing field.

2022 release

GTA 6 will be most likely to arrive in 2022, according to Gamer Front. This is the most solid prediction mainly due to the fact that a lot of work will have to be done to top the success of its predecessor. After all, Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most successful entertainment titles in history. In fact, Star Wars is nothing compared to the franchise GTA 6 is in.

A wider range of bikes and boats

Most players of GTA V can agree that the boats and bikes in the game are not varied enough. Since these features are underused, a few additions to the lineup would be appreciated.

The amended portrayal of women

The most recent entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise was controversial because of its allegedly sexist portrayals of women. With an increasing number of female gamers, it looks like developers will be prioritizing the creation of better female characters and less violence against women in the game.

Which of these rumors about the Grand Theft Auto 6 are you most looking forward to? Will you be buying GTA 6 right away upon its release? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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