GOT (Game of Thrones) Alert! Season 8 Will Be Like No Other

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Ever since the news out broke about GOT (Game of Thrones) Season 8, fans are more than eager to see the finale. The gossip mongers are assuming a six-episode run only for GOT finale. In the latest entertainment news, we have been informed that GOT (Game of Thrones) Finale Season will see a couple of comebacks.

Although the season 8 is almost 8 months away. It has been learned from inside sources that director of photography Fabian Wagner will be on job for Season 8. Fabian Wagner will be accompanied by Miguel Sapochnik. Both Wagner and Sapochnik will be working as a team. They have already worked together for episode 3 and 5 of Game of Thrones. Fabian Wagner has been the director or photography for several GOT (Game of Thrones) episodes, earlier also.



David Nutter will be directing the final episode along with David Benioff and Dan Weiss.
This latest entertainment news about GOT has given an indication of what Season 8 might hold for us. Since David Nutter is known for exhilarating scenes and moments in GOT (Game of Thrones). Events such as the Red Wedding (“The Rains of Castamere”), the burning of Shireen (“The Dance of Dragons”) and Cersei’s walk of shame (“Mother’s Mercy”) were created by Nutter.



Director of photography, Sapochnik is renowned for directing cutting-edge battle scenes. But, “The Winds of Winter” was also his creation and regarded as one of the best dramatic scenes so far. While HBO has not yet confirmed on who will lead the final season of GOT. But speculations are rife that both Nutter and Sapochnik are expected to give their best for Game of Thrones (GOT) Season 8, together.

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