Pixel Watch is The First Smartwatch From Google - Specs, Pricing, and Release Date Detailed

Daphne Planca
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The tech company Google is expected to announce this coming October their latest hardware products like Pixel phones, wireless earbuds, and Home speakers. It seems that they decided to join the world of smartwatches. Then, recent rumors began early this month, which indicated that a Pixel Watch will be unveiled this year together with Pixel 3.

According to Android Central, this wearable gadget will likely be the first ever smartwatch the company has released under its Pixel brand. Something exciting is about to be put on the market even if the “Wear OS by Google” is still in an awkward state because of the re-branding Android Wear.

In terms of specification, the Pixel Watch will come with a successor to the Wear 2 100 processor, which was first introduced three years ago. Qualcomm, the telecom equipment company, has already confirmed this new chip will be available in the holiday season. Among the features it will have are improved fitness tracker, better ambient displays, increased battery life, and many more.

Regarding its design, a larger Google Pixel Smartwatch is the preferred look with accessibility and packed with major features at the same time comfortable on anyone’s wrist. The functionality would be better when answering phone calls without your phone. A loudspeaker with spoken responses from the Google Assistant would also be nice.

Meanwhile, the two components, NFC and GPS are becoming essential this year on every smartwatch and hopefully will be offered for the upcoming wearable gadget.  The NFC will allow Google to further push the online payment Google Pay, and if the GPS is added, it will certainly help.

With the pricing, the highly anticipated wearable gadget might cost around $250 to $300, which is quite reasonable since all of the techs will come equipped with it. If and when that happens, at least, it will be $30 cheaper than the current Apple Watch Series 3, which was introduced last September.

So, what about you? What do you think about the features you would like to see for Pixel Watch? Share your thoughts by writing in the comment section below.

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