Google Pixel 3 Latest New Concept Features Less Interaction - Everything You Need To Know

Daphne Planca
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A clear vision of the highly anticipated Google Pixel 3 was demonstrated in the tech giant’s annual developer conference Google I/O event last week. It suggests that the company wants their users to utilize their smartphone less, not to fight addiction but for personal well being.

According to Forbes, automation that is added to its devices will lead to less interaction. Both Google Assistant and Android P will have new features listed. At the event, announcements started with how the “machine learning” could tell the users everything they need to know.

Just, for example, the latest functions of the Android P operating system are “Actions” and “Slices” that decrease the amount of interaction necessary to do a specific task. If you have downloaded the Uber app already on your smartphone, then you can search using Slices to order a cab without the need to open the ridesharing app.

Meanwhile, you can use “Actions” to give you more content from apps based on your previous behavior. The app and functionality will be offered to you without prompt when you are listening to your fave music at a particular time making it simple and indicating the company’s vision, which is fewer taps, less effort, and reduced screen time.

In the event, new features of Google Maps were also unveiled and will be rolling out these coming months both on Android and iOS. One of which is “Your Match” that lessens your research for restaurants based on your food and drink preferences. Part of this automation package is clearer directions, routines, and Google lens, as well as Google Duplex in which restaurants can be called up and appointments are made for you just in a human voice.

These all mean that the core of the Google Pixel 3 will offer more than the Assistant to set the reminders and provide the directions. The upcoming device is expected both the Assistant and AI with lesser interaction on the content within your phone. The automation will learn your habits and needs to achieve your precise request before you have ever thought of it.

So, what do you think of the latest concept for the Google Pixel 3? Share your valuable thoughts by writing in the comment section below.

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