Google Pixel 3: Android Smartphone Might Feature Amazing Camera Setup

Yves Amodia
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Google may just have laid out the groundwork for the Google Pixel 3 to become among the top Android devices of the year. The secrecy about the release of this long-awaited product is only increasing the chatter among tech pundits and experts that it may be the best entry into the Pixel canon yet.

Google Pixel 3 with the dual front camera?

One of the most exciting leaks so far about the Google Pixel 3 is the fact that it may have two front-facing cameras. This may be Google’s attempt to ride on the selfie phenomenon. With more and more brands realizing the value in great cameras, it is a sensible move for Google to make sure that the Pixel 3 will have front cameras that have amazing resolutions.

Credit- xda-developers

While this information is not exactly revolutionary, it does make the Pixel 3 more appealing to tech buyers. This gives it a fighting chance to eat up a part of Samsung and Apple’s share of the smartphone market.

Other rumored Pixel 3 specs and features

The new Pixel phone is reported to have a full-screen display. This makes sense considering that the Android O, rumored to be the OS for the upcoming release, supports this functionality.

Another potential feature that will be part of the new Pixel is the wireless charging functionality. The glass backside of the phone is said to have an instrumental role in making the wireless charging possible.

It is not yet known when Google is planning to release the next update of its flagship smartphone line. There are, however, speculations that the company will drop the exciting new models in October.

What are your thoughts on the news that the Google Pixel 3 may have dual front cameras? Let us know if you approve of this update on the smartphone.

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