Samsung Galaxy J8 Has A New Model Number and Undergoes Several Certifications

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Samsung decided to officially launch the Galaxy J8 in India during the previous month with the Galaxy J6, Galaxy A6, and Galaxy A6+. The public broadcast was quite odd since the Galaxy J8 is expected to be in the market on July, and the three other gadgets are expected to be on sale the following day in India where Samsung silently unveiled the Galaxy J4 lately.

Maybe Samsung intends consumers to be aware that the company has other additional gadgets with an Infinity layout. Although the true reason for the successive device launches cannot be determined at this time, the South Korean multi-national company became more resolute in accurately launching its Galaxy J8.

Samsung Tries Out the Galaxy J8 with a Revised Model Number

The original model number of the Galaxy J8 was SM-J800, however, Samsung opted to alter it to SM-J810F. Galaxy J8 is currently being tested with the new model number, and the phone likewise obtained the required certifications last week from FCC and Bluetooth SIG.

The Geekbench website likewise featured the SM-J810F, where it echoes that the phone’s specs will stay the same and only the model number has been changed. Samsung also initiated support sites for its SM-J810F in Russian, and SM-J810Y in Thailand. The move is intended to provide additional backup for a probable worldwide promotion in the coming weeks.


Rumors have it that the Galaxy J8 and Galaxy J8+ are the remade forms of the Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6+, which are planned for selected markets. However, it can be clearly seen that the J8+ is non-existent, and the said phone’s features came from both the A6 and A6+.

For the time being, it is impossible to say whether the Samsung Galaxy J8 will be extensively introduced like the Galaxy J6. Although there is a possibility that it might debut in the specific budget and lower-range markets where Samsung must retail plenty of its gadgets to hold off its competitors. This is probably the reason why the company chose to launch in India, Russia, and Thailand.

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