Foldable Phone Future Relies On Samsung Galaxy X

Maricris Jose
8:12 PM

The much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy X will be the third family member of the South Korean tech company’s high-end phones. This handset is expected to be innovative and tech enthusiasts believe that the future of the foldable handsets relies on Galaxy X.

There have been patents that were filed in 2016 and 2017 showing several varieties of the flexible display. It ranges from a wraparound display to a huge and flexible screen. Apart from that, there also have been numerous iterations revealed through observing the patents thus making the tech enthusiasts unsure about what type of foldable phones will arrive.

Nonetheless, a lot of industry insiders and smartphone specialists have faith that the Samsung Galaxy X will make its first appearance in December 2018. It is anticipated to launch by early 2019.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy X foldable phones will be first high-end phone to feature such a technology, the foldable OLED screens aren’t something new by any means. Both Samsung and LG are the major players when it comes to this technology in conjunction with the Chinese manufacturer BOE.

All of these three companies have curved OLED displays that are already released. The products sporting this technology are monitors and TVs to curved phones like the Galaxy edge and LG Flex. Though we already have these curved devices, the actual foldable handsets will be a first.

The Samsung Galaxy X may offer some well-needed modernization for the Samsung line. Though the foldable phones may not be sufficient to threaten the authority of Apple when it comes to western sales, it might still give a great competition. With the launch of the iPhone X, the Cupertino-based tech company already proved that the market appreciates modernism, and a great success has been perceived in the fastest-selling iPhone in history.

The first Samsung foldable phone, which is dubbed as the Galaxy X may provide a good competition for Apple devices. Apart from that, it is also expected to be the future of the foldable smartphones. Please start tuned for future updates regarding this much-anticipated device.

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