Foldable iPhone: Flexible Substrates May Help Apple Manufacture Adjustable Displays For Forthcoming iPhones

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Apple is taking into account various approaches to installing sensors, indicators, switches including other aspects to build devices and components such as flexible displays, maybe for its rumored Foldable iPhone. This is in addition to the attachment of pieces to a stretchable substrate, which has the capacity to convey data among solitary segments.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted the patent for “Electronic devices with soft input-output components” last Tuesday to Apple. This particular patent outlines ways on how a stretchable and deformable elastomeric substrate layer can be utilized as a circuit board structure for a gadget. So, instead of using the standard rigid board or wires, the substrate is flexible, does not conform to any particular shape, and could be stretched or extended in any direction.

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As recommended, the substrate will have signal paths functioning between components that are attached on the surface. Holes must be incorporated between the paths to fashion a mesh-like material that would assist in the stretching or permit it to conform to the chosen artistic design.

The regions between the signal paths must also be thinner to economize on materials and weight as well as stretchiness. Pre-placed interposers that have solder pads will be used to fasten the components to the elastomeric substrate. The interposer will permit signals to be conveyed to the attached parts through the solder pad.

As per the components, Apple recommends that numerous sensors can be connected to the material. This may include a mixture of micro LEDs and the photoluminescent material. The latter one recommends the usage of material to fashion a stretchable or flexible display. Thin-film circuitry printing on the substrate is likewise emphasized as a probability so LEDs can be controlled within a stretchable display along with the other parts of the interface.

Apple suggests that it is a demanding task to build an input-output interface into a gadget or device. The reasons behind this are because of reliability and form factor considerations along with other elements which make it challenging to incorporate current technologies.

As for Foldable iPhone, Apple explains that standard displays and touch sensors that were utilized for the said devices “may be subject to stress-induced failures.” The company filed the above-mentioned patent application on the 17th of October 2016 and acknowledges the inventors as follows: Hoon Sik Kim, Yung-Yu Hsu, and Paul S. Drzaic.

The number of patent applications including prototypes and concepts not only by Apple but also among its rivals implies that foldable smartphones may be showing up on store shelves in the immediate future. So, what are your thoughts on rumored Foldable iPhone? Let us know in the comment section below.

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