FIFA 19: Next Entry In Football Franchise Up For Preorders Now

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FIFA 19 is arguably one of the most highly anticipated titles to come this year. The upcoming game, which will be next entry in the insanely popular football video game franchise, also happens to come out in the same year a FIFA World Cup was held. This alone makes it an exciting game to acquire.

FIFA 19 preorders

The upcoming FIFA game has already started getting preorders, according to Windows Central. The Standard Edition for the game will cost $59.99, with some editions priced a bit more. The game is already sure to be a massive success considering a lot of people are talking about it online. Another reason to be excited about it is the fact that EA now has the rights to the Champion’s League from Konami.

There are a lot of features that will be included in the new FIFA game. Among them is the Active Touch System, which can be used to determine the potential loose balls.

Preview of the next FIFA

EA Sports have been quite as usual about the release of the demo, according to Four Four Two. There is a possibility that it will come out two weeks before the official release date. The last three releases had its demo available between 15-17 days before the release date.

The FIFA 19 starts its release on Friday, September 28. It will be available on single-player and multiplayer modes. It can be played on the platforms PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Those who want to play the game earlier may also access it as early as September 25. You can buy the Champions Edition for $79.99 and Ultimate Edition for $99.99. Discounts are also available for EA Access members that will use it for Xbox One.

Will you purchase the FIFA 19 when it gets officially released? What are you most excited about it? Comment below so that we will be able to know your thoughts about the coming game.

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