Electra Jailbreak Tool With Cydia Public Release Possible This Week, CoolStar Says

Antonio Manaytay
4:22 PM

Returning to Twitter after a brief silence CoolStar announces the possible release of Electra jailbreak tool with Cydia anytime this week, unless new roadblocks will stand in the way. In his latest Tweets, CoolStar said Electra iOS 11.0-11.1.2 is in the final stages of development.

The final version, according to CoolStar, will be the “most stable 64-bit jailbreak since iOS 9.3.3.” This may put all doubts there is about jailbreaking iOS 11.1.2 especially those who have been jailbroken.

Users are assured the final version will eliminate these jailbreaks to make the transition easy, CoolStar said. The latest release, however, may not work for the jailbroken devices. The jailbroken devices using the leaked Electra release candidates despite warning must use FutureRestore enabling them to run the official release, according to idownloadblog.com.

The release of the Electra final version could be seen as long overdue after Cydia’s stable iOS 11 jailbreak happened a long time ago. Other jailbreak tools did not have Cydia for the reason that Saurik has not updated it with iOS 11 compatibility.

With Saurik’s silence after announcing it was working the updates a couple of months ago, CoolStar grabbed the opportunity and poised to include Cydia in its Electra jailbreak tool. Once released, CoolStar will emerge as the first to develop iOS 11 with out-of-the-box support from Cydia.

“Hopefully if we don’t get sidetracked again, we could very well be seeing the final Electra release next week,” CoolStar tweets.

The final version will be released with Cydia, something which was not done with Electra public beta. This way, the users will have the freedom to install or uninstall any jailbreak tweaks as well as extensions provided by a third-party.

Whether the inclusion of Cydia’s patched version into Electra jailbreak tool will work remains to be seen at this time. Meantime, users should watch closely the announcement of the release expected to happen anytime this week.

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