DIY Parrot ANAFI Using Your DJI Mavic Air - Low-Angled Images and Videos

Ronald Balondo
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Shooting a low-angle shot using your typical drone seems to be impossible but that changed by the recently released model Parrot ANAFI. This drone has revolutionized the modern photography techniques that involved machines.

Shooting low while the subject seems to be high or big is commonly used by Hollywood professionals. The method is widely known in the photography world as the angle of power, dominance, and strength.

The low-angled shot seems to be impossible using a drone because the camera needs to be low on the ground. Another thing to consider is the propeller that might obstruct the line of sight to the subject. But this drone changes all of that.

Because of the uniquely placed gimbal at the top of the unit that can tilt the camera to your desired position. This provided a new horizon for creating new and untapped photography techniques in a drone.

For the others that wanted to have the same features – that can shoot low-angled shots—but doesn’t have the time and the resources to get the new Parrot ANAFI, Drones and Electric Unicycles provided a tutorial on YouTube on how you can create a DIY version of the unique drone.

What you need to have:

  1. Any action camera can be used for this project. This time, the GoPro Hero 5 was used for this project.
  2. Protective cover/frame for your action camera.
  3. Very secured adhesive pads that have a soft foam core to lessen the vibration.

What you need to know:

  1. Turn off the Wi-Fi of your action camera to avoid any interference with the unit. Also, don’t forget to shut down GPS as well.

What you need to do:

  1. Secure the adhesive pads underneath the action camera. Make sure it is firmly placed to avoid any unnecessary accidents.
  2. Position the action camera in the middle facing upwards. Make some clearance for the propellers so it will not hit the camera that we’ll mount in the unit.

You’ll be surprised how the DJI Mavic Air handles the additional weight of the camera and in this setup, this will be like the Parrot ANAFI. Now, you can get the low angled shot that you’re looking for in your drone.

Note to keep in mind:

This is a DIY project and at this setup, you can’t expect the same features from the ANAFI like tilting the camera left to right, up to down. You’ll just be using adhesive pads for mounting up the camera and not some advance mechanism.

DIY Mavic Air hack reminder:

  1. The main camera for the DJI Mavic Air can be used as a navigational guide while the mounted camera on top of the drone will capture the low-angled shot that you wanted.
  2. The adhesive pads that you used will not hold the camera you mounted for a very long time. Make sure that you always check the adhesive pads to reduce the possible unwanted events while playing around with your drone.
  3. Flying low-ground may be difficult because of some factors like the added weight of the action camera, the ground effect, and the obstacle avoidance feature. Try disabling the obstacle avoidance mode and use tripod flight mode to stability.

With this setup, it will help you find something new to work on in your drone photography. Try to use your imagination and find ways to utilize what you have learned.

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