Easier Way To Install Tweaks 'Without Cydia' On Electra iOS 11 Jailbreak Toolkit

Maricris Jose
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In case the users have jailbroken their iOS 11.x.x device using the Electra jailbreak tool, then this article might be very helpful for them. If you want to install jailbreak tweaks and you don’t have Cydia then you can follow this easy process.

How To Install Tweaks On Electra iOS 11-11.1.2 Jailbroken Device Without Cydia

Upon installing the Electra iOS 11-11.1.2 jailbreak tool, some users may be a little worried to find that it doesn’t have the installation of Cydia. This scenario would cause a lot of device owners feel restricted as they were not able to obtain any jailbreak tweaks to their iOS devices. Nevertheless, if the iOS handsets owners are also a Windows user, the Deb file installer and an uninstaller that is the Tweak Installer could help them in that whole course.

In fact, they can device manually get the needed files directly from the developer or from other places. Afterwards, they can go through the process of installing to the device by themselves. Just in case they are using Windows, then they could download this new installer and uninstaller which allows them to run a desktop app. Upon the installation of the app, it will make a connection over SSH to the iOS handsets in question.

The said app will then unpack and installs the Deb files straight to the device and have them installed through OTA with minimal hassle. The creator of the app also added the capability to go the other way, which permits the user to eliminate the installed jailbreak tweaks as with just a single tick.

Tweak Installer Compatibility

As of this moment, the Tweak Installer is only accessible on Windows. But then, it is anticipated to arrive soon for macOS and Linux. Moreover, it appears that the developer is also attracted to creating an on-device Deb installer to make the whole thing a little more unified. This will eradicate the need for that SSH connection to the gadget from a computer.

Have you already tried the Tweak Installer? Please share with us your experiences with the app through the comments section below.

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