CoolStar Launched Electra RC 1.3 Cydia-Bundled iOS 11 Jailbreak For Developers

Maricris Jose
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CoolStar has been working really hard on delivering its patrons updates and new jailbreak tools. In fact, the famous hacker recently released the Electra RC 1.3 Cydia-bundled iOS 11 jailbreak.

Birth Of Electra RC 1.3 Cydia-Bundled iOS 11 Jailbreak

The well-known hacker, CoolStar has rolled out the Electra RC1 for developers a few days ago. Recently, it pushed a new RC 1.3 version to the similar set of developers in order for them to obtain their tweaks and applications ready for iOS 11 before public launch.

The said release of Electra comes during the time when one of the developers as leaked the original RC1 copy from CoolStar. It was also worth noting that the famous hacker along with its company recommends the jailbreak enthusiasts to stay away from any such leaks. This is because the leak seems to be an altered version which utilizes a bootleg half-assed shot to reproduce their bootstrap tar. To make it short and more understandable, utilizing might send the iOS 11.1.2 handset into a continuous boot loop, this will force you to update your software to iOS 11.2.5. With that being said, jailbreak enthusiasts really have to stay away from any such leaks of Electra RC1 that are roaming around the wire as much as probable.

Electra RC 1.3 Cydia-Bundled iOS 11 Jailbreak Release

As for the Electra RC 1.3 release, it wouldn’t take that long to become available to public seeing that the jailbreak community has been very productive and moving ahead.

Electra Jailbreak Background

For some reference and background, the Electra jailbreak is principally based off exploits revealed and made public by Ian Beer. This arrived together with the patches from some of the other prominent members of the jailbreak community such as Siguza, xerub, and CoolStar. This jailbreak tool has support for all devices and that includes the latest iPhone X, which are running between iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2.

As of now, these are the known details about the Electra RC 1.3 Cydia-Bundled iOS 11 Jailbreak. Please stay tuned for future updates regarding the public launch of this jailbreak tool.

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