Best 62 Working Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11 - iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak

Harsh Soni
3:39 PM

CoolStar, the famous developer, has dropped the brand new Electra iOS 11 Jailbreak tool with Cydia. Everyone who has jailbroken their device might be looking for some awesome tweaks. In this article, we are presenting a list of the 62 best and working jailbreak tweaks that you should definitely check out and give a try.

If you haven’t installed Electra jailbreak tool then you can download the IPA files now and jailbreak your Apple device running on iOS 11 using easy steps. The Electra jailbreak Cydia for iOS 11 has received 3 updates so far in order to fix the bugs and problems.

Before heading to the Cydia tweaks it is recommended to add following Repos on Cydia for installing these jailbreak tweaks. The below mentioned tweaks are compatible with Apple devices running iOS 11.1.2/11.1.1 or below like iPhone X, iPhone 8- 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

ZodTTD & MacCiti-


Modmyi Repo-


NoFolderBackground Repo:

BigBoss Repo

HideLabels10 Repo–

Circa repo:

Now, without any delay here is the list of best and working Cydia tweaks for iOS 11- iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak.

  1. NoMoreSmallApps
  2. MusicDockX
  3. Aporeo
  4. Backspace
  5. Circa
  6. HideLabels10
  7. HapticFeedback
  8. Icon Renamer
  9. iPad Cam for iPhone
  10. Lockscreen Custom Text iOS 10
  11. Minimal HUD
  12. Mute
  13. Moose
  14. MakeRespringGreatAgain
  15. NoFolderBackground
  16. HideLabels10
  17. AutoRotate
  18. BioProtect X
  19. NudeKeys
  20. SmoothCursor
  21. TapTapFlip
  22. NoSharePLZ
  23. NoLowerPowerAlert
  24. NoPageDots7
  25. PhotoSize
  26. QuickVolumeHUD
  27. QuickPowerMode
  28. RespringProgress
  29. Circle Icons
  30. ByeByeHUD
  31. AutoUnlockX
  32. BatteryPercentX
  33. CCMusicArtwork
  34. DoubleTapLock
  35. EasySwitcherX
  36. Cylinder
  37. DayNightSwitch
  38. DetailBatteryUsage
  39. EmojiKey
  40. ForceInPicture
  41. FirstEditBookmark
  42. Folders6Plus
  43. Flame
  44. GlowBadge
  45. TapTime
  46. TapticKeys
  47. SneakyCam
  48. Notchless
  49. EclipseX
  50. FiveIconDockXI
  51. FlatSafariURL
  52. No Spotlight BG Mask
  53. NoLiveClock
  54. SmallVolumeStep
  55. System Info
  56. Universal
  57. UnlockVol
  58. Zepplin
  59. SimplePasscodeButtons
  60. StatusFolder
  61. TranslucentCydia
  62. TimeFormat

We might have left some of the major Cydia tweaks for iOS 11 Jailbreak that you can suggest us by writing in the comment section below. For more updates on the jailbreak scene stay tuned with us.

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