Apple Watch Series 4: Release Date, Price, Features and Other Rumors

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Along with the Samsung Galaxy Gear S4, the Apple Watch Series 4 is one of the most awaited smartwatch products of the year. Because of the popularity of this particular smartwatch line, people are eagerly anticipating the updates on the new device.

Apple Watch Series 4 features and specs

The tech buying public expects that Apple will be pulling out all the stops in the next Apple Watch, considering that the Samsung Galaxy Gear S4 is making waves. These are six features and specs that we may see in the upcoming Apple Watch model:

Heart rate monitoring

Apple recently filed a patent, suggesting that it will be able to get heart rate tracking capabilities. This is one step forward to achieving Apple’s goal of making it a topnotch fitness device.

Facebook or Twitter messages

The rumored framework Streamkit is currently in development. It could enable users to read Facebook and Twitter messages on the Apple Watch.

Enhanced heat and moisture resistance

As a fitness device, heat and moisture resistance is a major consideration for smartwatch buyers. This will help the device avoid overheating and water damage.

Face ID integration

As Apple moves to integrate Face ID into most of its product lines, it would be logical to expect that the Apple Watch will have it too. Through this, users will no longer have to enter a PIN.

Spotify feature

StreamKit is also a framework that will help in bringing Spotify to the Apple Watch. Sports enthusiasts may be able to enjoy music while running or jogging with it.

Better GPS technology

To help improve the fitness tracking capability of the Apple Watch series 4, GPS technology should be improved. This will make it more accurate.

Design, battery, and hardware

The Apple Watch Series 4 will bring revolutionary changes to the design of the smartwatch. Firstly, it will feature a screen that is 15 percent larger than the current version. It will also sport a larger battery, which could result in longer battery life. The next Apple Watch may also get motionless haptic buttons.

OS and software

watchOS 5 will receive major upgrades. Among this is this is faster LTE connectivity. It will also feature a walkie-talkie mode, enabling users to send short audio chats to other Apple Watch users.

Users of the next Apple Watch will experience enhancements to Siri. The notifications system will be improved and it can be used with some third-party apps.

Pricing and release date

There is still no confirmation as to the release date of the next Apple Watch. There is a big chance that Apple will unveil it in the same hardware event where it will launch the new iPhone.

Experts and critics do not expect major changes in the pricing of the smartwatch. Considering that its predecessor’s cellular model went into the sale with an introductory price of $399.

Do you think Apple Watch Series 4 will usher in the mainstream popularity of smartwatches? Are you looking forward to getting your hands on it? Let us know below by posting an entry in the comments section.

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