Apple To Reduce Prices For The Next iPhone Lineup Including iPhone SE2

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Ming-Chi Kuo, arguably the best Apple analyst in the world, has returned from hibernation to reveal that the Cupertino, California-based tech giant is introducing cheaper gadgets for its next iPhone lineup including iPhone SE2.

Apple’s Pricing U-turn

Kuo disclosed that Apple will cut as much as $300 on its new iPhones this year, according to Forbes. This price cuts will be observed across all the iPhone products including iPhone SE2 expected to be unveiled in a company event in September.

For example, the second generation iPhone X may be priced for at least $800. In comparison, prices for last year’s iPhone X started at $1,000. The $200 price reduction has never been seen in an iPhone since it was first released in 2007.

Kuo lists three main factors as to why Apple decided to reduce the market price of their iPhones. Firstly, iPhone X failed to match the expected sales momentum projected by Apple, even with the excitement over its radical design. Another is the increase in the number of Face ID users, which has become an essential component of the company’s overall promotional strategy. Lastly, Apple was able to come up with a cost structure that enables them to maintain the profit margin while cutting prices.

Possible iPhone SE 2 Specs

While the big Apple smartphone spotlight is currently trained on the follow-up to last year’s iPhone X, there is a reason to believe that the latest iPhone SE2 is also in the works, according to Inverse.

Prominent Apple leaker Evan Blass, for example, has already posted an image on Twitter that suggests that a new iPhone SE 2 is indeed coming. Other credible leaks also say that the smartphone will have Face ID and a bezel-less design. It will have a less expensive LED screen and thinner body.

Are you excited to get your hands on the next iPhone X and iPhone SE2? Post your comments below.

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