Apple’s New iPhone SE 2, iPhone X2/ iPhone 11, And iPhone X Plus To Offer Pricing Surprises

Purnima Gupta
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Apple has been the undisputed leader in the smartphone market. Apple is also known for its unique quality and expensive pricey smartphone models. According to the recent report, Apple is readying a fresh new pricing line up for its rumored flagship smartphone iPhone SE 2, iPhone X2/ iPhone 11, and iPhone X Plus.

A report published in BGR reveals that Apple is ready to introduce three new iPhone models in the market. While the prices could be the real surprise. Released on Apple iPhone’s 10th anniversary, iPhone X fell short of hitting the revenue mark. A survey showed that an expensive offer price was the main reason behind this lack of popularity. Taking a cue from this, Apple has braced itself up. And, it is aiming to be more flexible with the pricing of new models.

New Pricing On The Cards

Speaking about the actual figures, for now, Apple is trying to juggle with its pricing strategy. A 6.1 inch iPhone SE 2 is likely to carry a hefty price tag of $799, much higher than the current version. While the iPhone X2 or iPhone 11 is likely to get a price cut by about $100 and will be offered at $899. What’s more? Apple will also be introducing iPhone X Plus at $999, managing the price bracket below $1000 mark, as reported by Forbes.

According to industry analysts, this pricing plan is likely to help Apple’s revenue soar higher. By offering a bigger iPhone X Plus at the same price would accelerate its demand. And, iPhone X2 has been kept strategically at $899. The mobile giants expect that such strategic moves will bring the required changes. Furthermore, all the upcoming models from Apple will carry the Face ID feature.

What to Expect?

Apple may be shuffling its prices, we must not forget that the brand costs more due to its incomparable features and quality. This has remained one of the main USPs of Apple iPhones. Hoping for major price cuts for iPhone X Plus, iPhone SE 2, iPhone X2/ iPhone 11 would not be on cards. As of now, a reshuffle of prices should is all that we can expect from Apple. Isn’t it?

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