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Apple passes one of its latest patents involving plans to incorporate built-in subwoofer into the displays of the company’s computer lines. This might be the direct answer of the company that suffered in the last few years about the lack of audio quality compared to some previous models from their line and this patent might go directly affects their new iMac 2018 line up.

Usually, Apple computers need to plug in external speakers system to power up the audio. However, with the help of the built-in subwoofer, things will be more interesting. This is very useful for those people who like music at the same time, planning to finish a project on their Mac computers.  

Reason for the patent

According to the design in the patent submitted by Apple, aside from improving the audio quality of the MacBooks and iMac computers, the built-in subwoofer also helps the computer to maintain the ideal temperature inside its system. The outline stated in the patent shows that it can be used as a secondary cooling system which is very critical for heavy users in an iMac.

The airflow produced by the built-in subwoofer greatly improves the cooling capabilities inside the system. This is also affected by increasing or decreasing the volume made by the subwoofer, thus, making room for efficient air flows. The company further explained that the speaker can point to a specific section under the hood where the cooling needs.

20th Anniversary of the iMac

Since 2018 is the mark of the 20th year of the iconic iMac, Apple will surely surprise its fans by making the computer move unique and might feature more computing power. Since the system will have more powerful components, it needs to an efficient cooling system and the patent plus the improvements in the audio department will greatly benefit the iMac 2018.

It is rumored that the new iMac 2018 will feature slimmer bezels and chins, referencing the rumored that appeared around the community. The talk about the new look of the iMac initially surfaced last 2017 in a Reddit post by a user named Foxconn Insider.

Under the hood, the new iMac 2018 is expected to feature a hexa-core system and might get a selection between Intel’s Coffee Lake i5 and i7 chipset. The chip selection will bring the gap closer between the iMac and the iMac Pro.

Concept or Project

Most of us know that Apple likes to push boundaries in making their Mac lines more unique and more efficient than the rest of its competitor. This thought also proves that the company is investing time and manpower in researching new technologies and makes it way in developing numerous patents over the years. A clear evidence of that would be the controversial TouchBar that appeared in selected versions of MacBooks.

Currently, the tech company is at the 11th on the list of US companies that submitted the most patents.  Most of the company’s patents didn’t materialize and just stuck in the concept stage. However, the built-in subwoofer will prove to be useful and can greatly improve the sound quality and the heat management of the recent iMacs and other computer lines from the company.

For now, Apple is still not yet giving any statements about their plans and details on when we can expect the iMac 2018. Many suggest that the iMac’s will be unveiled this August and others are stating that it would be this coming September or late-October.

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