Apple Cuts Orders From Dialog- Will the 2018 iPhones Be Housing Its Own Power Management Chips?

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Apple is reported to have cut its orders for power management chips from Dialog. With this, it is believed that the Cupertino company will probably be debuting its own power management chips with its 2018 iPhones.

The Cut-Off

Jalal Bagherli, CEO of Dialog, confirmed that for this year’s batch of power management chip, Apple has ordered 30 percent fewer compared to the previous year. When asked what will happen in the future, Bagherli said that he is expecting a similar reduction next year as well but isn’t so sure what will happen beyond that. However, he did also say that his company is “making a lot of inroads with new customers” to make up for the lost revenue.

What Is Apple Planning?

According to Nikkei, last year back in November, the Cupertino company is designing its own main power management chips for use in iPhones as early as in 2018 in order to cut its dependence from suppliers. When news of this broke out, Dialog’s shares started to drop. Fast-forward to the future, Dialog’s stock has lost more than half of its value over the past year.

Also, at that time, despite sources indicating that the Cupertino company does indeed plan to use its own power management chips for future iPhones, there was a bit of a difference in terms of the timeframe. While one source claim it was it will be implemented in 2018, another source claims it will be on 2019. In regards to the source that claims it will be on 2019, the reason was due to the time frame is less certain.

This time around, with Apple’s known intention to cut its dependence from suppliers and Bagheri’s statement regarding the cut-off, a number of reports are suggesting the possibility of the 2018 iPhones housing its own power management chips. But there’s also another possibility that the Cupertino company is probably just looking for a new supplier and just keeping it under wraps.

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