Apple AirPods 2 Release Update: WWDC 2018 or 2019 Launch?

Purnima Gupta
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Where there is technology, there are rumors! Updates, releases, leaks have become an industry staple since all the tech giants are busy announcing new products and upgrades, at regular intervals. It’s time for Apple’s AirPod to come around for its next schedule of upgrades. According to rumors doing rounds, Apple AirPods 2 will be available in the next year. While the release is fairly away from us, significant upgrades such as noise cancellation and waterproof body are the most awaited features.

Apple is the undisputed leader in introducing consumer-centric technology products with viable features. Guessing the user expectations with 100% accuracy is considered the USP of the brand. Apple iPhones, gadgets, laptops, PC, tablet rule the markets. Now focusing back on the latest rumors around AirPods 2, tech experts are anticipating Siri voice activation and improved noise cancellation. These second generation of AirPods are expected in the coming year. While the debut of AirPods 2 with some improvements is expected to arrive with iPhone X launches. Some tech pundits are even speculating the launch of upgraded AirPods 2 by June during WWDC 2018.

However, the latest report by 9to5Mac, on the release of AirPods 2, suggests that the second generation of AirPods will arrive next year boasting active noise cancelation and waterproofing, plus design changes. This report is in contrast to previous rumors that AirPods 2 will make debut this year. Several news portals also stand with the 9to5Mac’s report suggesting the 2019 launch.

By looks and user experience, Apple’s present AirPods already stand path-breaking. An important inclusion by Apple in the upgraded version is the W2 chipset. The W2 chipset will be making some significant improvements. On the other hand, the AirPods 2 will prove to be class-apart in headphone technology and design. They are rumored to be water resistant similar to smartphones and support the Siri application. As per latest technology stats, Apple AirPods will continue to dominate the headphone market. The production and distribution are likely to increase by 26-28 million, to be precise on numbers. Well from Apple, it’s nothing new!

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