AMD Vega 12 GPU Spotted In Linux Support, May Launch Soon

Harsh Soni
4:54 PM

AMD is reportedly working to launch a new Vega GPU very soon. However, the latest Linux patch hints that AMD is preparing ‘Vega 12’ product that may release anytime soon.

As reported by PCGamesN, the latest Linux mainline kernel got a set of 42 patches from AMD’s engineers to support an unreleased Vega 12 GPU. This Linux patch was firstly spotted by Phoronix. The said patches include sixty thousand lines of code, a vast majority of which is made up of header files, while the others are just copied from the Vega 10 and Raven Ridge blocks.

Phoronix also noted that there are five PCI IDs that have been described in the code. AMD has actually followed the release of patches by adding support for Vega 12 within the RadeonSI Gallium3D OpenGL driver that is an open-source driver for GCN GPUs, which was developed by AMD. The characteristics of AMD Vega 12 are yet unknown, but French site Tom’s Hardware expects this GPU to be a mobile model, like the one announced at CES 2018, or the successor of the AMD Radeon RX 500.

Currently, the Vega 10 codename indicates presently available Vega graphics cards – including the RX Vega range, and certain Radeon Instinct and Pro cards. AMD intends to launch Vega M discrete graphics for mobile very soon, which was mentioned back in January next to 7nm Vega and 12nm Ryzen 2. These mobile chips look like the most probable recipient of the AMD Vega 12 codename, as AMD has already confirmed the launch sometime this year.

The Phoronix forum has also confirmed that Vega 12 is right now an unannounced product. However, we can expect more details on AMD Vega 12 codename very soon. Do you think that AMD really has plans to launch AMD Vega 12? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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