2018 Apple iPhone SE2: Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

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So we all know that the new iPhone models are coming this year. However, there’s one model that many people are wondering if it’s even coming at all – the iPhone SE2 (or iPhone SE 2). So what do we know about the said device? Let’s check it out.

The Release Date

The 2016 version was both announced and released on March. A year after that, an updated version was released on the same month. So based on those two consecutive years, everyone was expecting that 2018 will be released in the same month as well. But as you may already know, there was no sign of it.

So when is it coming? Well, as of now, reports suggesting that we all have to wait until September because that’s when the new iPhone models will be by the very least unveiled.

The Price Tag

One thing that made this model quite popular among people is because of its price tag. The current model today costs $399 (32 GB) and $449 (129 GB). Reports expect that the upcoming version will most likely be similar to these prices. In fact, one report predicts that it will be priced at around $450.

The Body

According to reports, it will sport the classic iPhone shape and will feature a Home Button for fingerprint recognition. It could feature a glass back which indicates wireless charging, a notch design, and will ditch the headphone jack.

For its color variants, one reports claims it could feature iPhone 5C-style colors. Meanwhile, Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang claims it could have a Blue, Yellow and Pink color variant to appeal to younger users.

The Display

Apparently, it will feature a larger 4.2-inch screen. However, just because it will be larger, this doesn’t mean that it will have an all-screen display so we assume that its overall size could be larger.

Facial Recognition

There was a report suggesting that it could feature Face ID which kind of makes it contradictory – according to reports. Their reason is that, if this is true, then it would mean that it could feature an edge-to-edge display and no home button.

Enhanced NFC Capabilities

Since 2014, the Cupertino company has been equipping their iPhones with NFC chips, but have been less functional when compared to rival devices. However, this time around, reports suggest that the upcoming SE2 will come with enhanced NFC capabilities.

The Platform

It will be packed with the A10 Fusion chip. This chip is the one found on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The Memory

For its RAM, it is expected to feature 2 GB of RAM. Meanwhile, for its internal storage, it’s 32 GB and 128 GB.

The Camera

At the back, it is rumored to feature a 12 MP shooter. Meanwhile, on the front is a 5 MP/7 MP FaceTime camera with Retina Flash. Also, it won’t have any camera bumps.

The Battery

It will be powered by a 1700 mAh battery. Reports suggest that this is necessary to power its slightly larger display.

What can you say about the rumored specs and features of the iPhone SE2? Will you be willing to buy it? We would like to hear your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.

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