2018 Apple iPad Pro 3 Could Feature Rounded Corners

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One of the highly anticipated gadgets this year is the Apple iPad Pro 3 (aka iPad Pro 2018). This time around, reports have been suggesting that it could feature rounded corners, thanks to a few clues discovered.

Here’s Why It Could Feature Rounded Corners

According to 9to5 Mac’s Guilherme Rambo, he spotted an icon that’s related to the iPad Pro 3 which has a description on its side that says “J3xx affordance corners.png”.  With the icon itself, although we can see that it has rounded corners, we can also tell that it’s been resized so it’s hard to say whether this piece of information is even reliable.

However, there is one thing that’s quite noting. He noted a newly discovered “asset” which suggests that the upcoming iPad Pro models will feature rounded corners. In fact, on the asset, it mentions the “J3xx” which is a model number.

Other Features

In the past few days, Rambo has also posted a number of tweets related to the J3xx. According to his tweets:

  • It will have Face ID
  • It has a Pearl
  • It won’t feature a Home Button
  • The smaller version of the tablet will feature thin bezels, no home button, and Face ID.
  • The larger version will have the same characteristics.

Other Assets

He also discovered that there’s also a similar asset for the 2018 iPhones as well — codenamed N84 which is the 6.1-inch variant sporting an LCD display with dual SIM options in some regions. It suggests that all of this year’s iPhones will be sporting a design similar to the iPhone X.

So When Can We Expect The Tablet?

iPad Pro 3 was initially expected to be released in June because last year’s model was released during that time. But as you may already know, the Cupertino company hasn’t released it yet. As of now, reports are expecting a September or October release.

How Much Will It Cost?

Based on previous reports, rumors and speculations, the smaller version will have a starting price of $649. Meanwhile, the larger version will start around $799.

What are your thoughts and opinions about the information regarding the iPad Pro 3? Do you believe that these are true? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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